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About HFX Music Studio

HFX Music Studio, founded by Alexander Polley, stands as a dynamic hub for musical education and instrument care. Alex's musical journey traces back to his childhood, where he fostered a deep passion for music through shared listening experiences with family members. This early spark ignited his path, leading him to join his school choir at age nine and immerse himself in various musical instruments and disciplines.


Completing a Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Musicology at Dalhousie University, Alex delved deep into the intricacies of music theory, performance, and the profound societal impacts of music. His academic pursuits were complemented by active participation in diverse musical ensembles and leadership roles within the university's music community.

Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons, Music Theory Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, and Voice Lessons at HFX Music Studio.

Further refining his musical expertise through private instruction and formal study, Alex earned a Master of Arts in Music and Culture from Carleton University. Throughout this period, he actively engaged in teaching and performance, contributing his talents to Ottawa's vibrant musical landscape.In 2019, driven by a desire to create a nurturing space for musical exploration,


Alex returned to Halifax, where he established HFX Music Studio. Despite the challenges presented by the global pandemic in 2020, Alex adapted by embracing online teaching and expanding his expertise to include instrument setup and repair.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a passion for fostering musical talent, HFX Music Studio provides a welcoming environment where students of all ages can discover their musical potential, while instruments receive attentive care and maintenance.

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